If our boss knew I was high, he wouldn't have been so thrilled

Yesterday before work, I decided to go hiking with a couple of friends. I didn’t have to be in the office until dinner time plus I spent the first few hours on a trail by the lake. One of our buddies joined myself and others for the 8 mile hike, however he had a cannabis vape pen in his pocket plus he took a couple of hits from the vape pen officially. He offered that cannabis pen to myself and others numerous times, although I said no. Halfway through the eight-mile hike, I was tired. My buddy convinced myself and others to try the yellow dream sativa strain, so I hit the vape pen a couple of times. I was still incredibly high when I had to go to work. I wanted to go home plus take a nap, although I had an important meeting with our boss. I thought he would instantly recognize that I was under the influence of marijuana, but he didn’t notice any differences in our behavior. In fact, our boss was extraordinarily thrilled with numerous of the ideas I pitched while I was in the meeting. I absolutely had a lot more energy plus enthusiasm when I was pitching the ideas. That is absolutely due to the addition of recreational cannabis that day. If our boss knew that I was high, he easily would not have been so thrilled with all of the ideas that are presented. This guy thinks that cannabis is the devil’s drug plus he officially gives money to organizations that want to change the legal laws plus make cannabis illegal again.

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