I got a free pre roll with our first purchase

Every marijuana dispensary in neighborhood has a first-time patient special, however some of the dispensaries offer a free gift with the first purchase.

Other dispensaries offer a first time discount, then when a new marijuana dispensary opened a block away from our apartment, I was particularly excited.

That marijuana dispensary was honestly within walking distance. The first time I went to the store, I got a free pre-roll with our purchase. I also earned 10% off our first purchase. The marijuana dispensary offered everything in the store at 20% savings plus our 10% off first time patient was stackable with the 20% savings. I saved a total of 30% on our $200 marijuana order. I also earned a free pre-roll. I got to occasion the strain that I wanted from a group of 10 peculiar pre rolled cigarettes… Each strain had high THC percentages, so that made the choice even harder. I decided to occasion the Blue Dream sativa marijuana joint! Blue Dream is honestly a single of the best sativa strains. It is well known for its flavor plus smell. They also had Super Silver Haze plus Jack Herer in sativa strains. They had a couple of Indica strains as well, even though I planned to smoke the marijuana joint instantly plus I did not want to spend the rest of the morning in bed. Everytime I smoke an Indica strain, I need a nap a couple of thirds later. It’s the perfect style of marijuana to smoke at night before bed, but it can truly slow myself and others down on a morning when I’m too tied up to stop.

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