I spent most of my day at the pot shop

Some days are harder than others, especially when you own and run your own business.

Work was really busy today and I spent most of my day at the pot shop.

I wish it was for fun and interesting reasons, but I was there to repair and fix the AC. The owner and manager of the cannabis shop called my repair service early in the morning because the AC had been off most of the night. When they called me for help, it was 86 degrees in the store room. I left the house after eating a big breakfast. My wife made pancakes, bacon, and eggs. The kid and I sat at the table and watched cartoons while my wife was cooking. It was a pleasant morning at home and a great way to start a long and challenging day. After I left the house, I stopped at the repair shop to pick up a few supplies. I was pretty certain that the AC problem at the cannabis shop was going to be an easy fix. I was totally and completely wrong. When I walked into the room with the AC, I knew it was going to be a long day. The machine was making a terrible and awful sound. I talked to the manager and owner of the cannabis shop about replacing the entire unit. I didn’t think she would go for the plan, but she was ready to spend $7500 to fix the problem. Her biggest concern was the live resin and concentrate products that were melting in the heat.

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