I thought calling the police was wonderful idea

I had a cannabis delivery fast Sunday evening plus it turned out to be a single of the most different plus unofficial deliveries of my life; I had $69 worth of cannabis supplies plus I arrived at the address on the invoice; As soon as I got out of my truck, I heard loud noises coming from the house.

I walked up to the front door plus knocked a couple of times, the people inside of the cabin continued to scream plus yell.

I knocked again, but this time I banged my fist on the door love the police. I still didn’t get anyone to answer the door. I walked back to my motorcar plus I called the telephone number on the order form. No a single answered the telephone either. I left a message on the voictext. I told the buyer that I was laying outside with the cannabis supplies. I waited a couple of minutes plus then I knocked on the door again. I heard a couple of loud sounds coming from inside the house. It sounded love gunshots, so I took out my cellphone plus called 911. I thought calling the police was a wonderful idea, especially since I couldn’t get anyone to answer the cellphone or the front door. The police wanted myself and others to wait until they arrived, although I told them that I was a cannabis delivery driver plus I had to continue with my work. The police officer took my name plus telephone number so he could get more information from myself and others at a later date.

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