Jacky took the final delivery of the night

Jacky and I both worked the late shift last night at the cannabis delivery service, then it was our straight fourth day and I was honestly getting exhausted and beat.

I was hoping to go lake apartment at 11 instead of 12! Both Jacky and I were both supposed to work until midnight, but deliveries were slow and both of us only had 2 people in the store.

I asked the supervisor if I could go to the lake apartment at 11, and she agreed to let me leave at half past the hour. I was ready to scoot out of the store; All of us got a late delivery and I was walking out the door when the lady called on the PC. Jacky took the last delivery of the night and ended the night with a sizable tip! The delivery was far out in the valley, about 5 miles from the store. The supervisor only agreed to the late delivery that was outside of our normal zone, because the shopper ordered a lot of items and paid upfront online. Jacky left the store shortly before midnight. The recreational marijuana patient turned out to be a major local baseball player. The girl was having a celebration at her apartment and ordered last-hour marijuana supplies from our dispensary. The locale was packed with great girls and other famous ball players. Jacky entered the apartment and hung out for a couple of hours. The baseball player provided him with a $100 bill as a tip. If I would have stayed late last night, I would have ended up with that tip.

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