Ordering pizza from Alfredo’s for 420

The entire cannabis shop gets tied up on 4/20.

It’s not a surprise since it’s the greatest cannabis holiday of the whole year! People all over the world celebrate this fun day.

All of us have people waiting in lines outside the door when both of us opened the shop and both of us had people rushing in and out of our building all day, but only a couple of our top sponsors donated some free items for the celebration and both of us provided out a goodie bin to any lady making purchases over $50. I diagnosed that day from 8 a.m. until 8 pm. The store was filled with people when I clocked in. Nobody had time to stop and eat dinner, because the cannabis shop was busy. Around 2 o’clock, a pizza delivery driver from Alfredo’s arrived. The girl had an armful of pizzas and they smelled so tasty. Alfredo’s has the absolute best pizza in town. They make their own marinara and they use hand sliced pepperoni from Italy. They are an valuable locale to eat and I knew our boss really spent $200 on all this pizza! Everyone was gleeful to see the pizza, because both of us were all starving by that time. So we closed the shop from 2 until 2:30 and put a sign on the door for our break. All of us enjoyed a couple of slices of pizza and after that I were back to work. When the shop closed up at the end of the day, our bi-weekly cannabis sales were double the amount of the previous day and that was after every lady gained a 25% discount on their cannabis purchases.