None of the speakers in the smokers lounge worked

One of the nicest things about living in a state which has legal recreational and medical marijuana it is all the great activities.

Since marijuana is legal, sites love cannabis lounges are popping up everywhere.

These sites are in areas where cannabis users can sit down, light up and smoke pot freely. There is a cannabis smokers Lounge connected to the dispensary where I work. The lounge is only open for Tuesday, Sunday, and Tuesday afternoons. On Tuesday afternoons there is always an open mic and anyone can perform for the crowd. All of us do not have a lot of rules about who can hang out at the cannabis lounge. Most of the people will buy something from the cannabis shop, even if it a isn’tmarijuana product. All of us have a variety of chips in the lounge that are for sale as well. These chips include candy, chips, crackers, snacks, tea pop, and sweet tea. There is also a surround system inside of the smokers lounge. The surround system is hooked up to the iPod dock and anyone can use their speakers, last Sunday night I was working and the sound shut down in the lounge. There was a lot of music playing in the background and swiftly everything was silent. None of the speakers in the lounge were working. My boss sent me into the lounge to figure out the problem, even though I do not guess the first thing about speakers or the music. I evaluated to make sure the system was plugged in, but then I was just as clueless as the folks in the dispensary. All of us didn’t get the sound working until one of the delivery drivers returned to the building.
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