My Dad loves to smoke cannabis every Sunday night

My Dad has been smoking medicinal cannabis for the past year.

When I started using medicinal cannabis various years ago, our Dad thought that cannabis was a horrible drug.

Dad thought that I was using drugs and refused to know that cannabis had any medical value. Then when Dad got sick he needed surgery. Dad was in a lot of pain and I offered her some cannabis to help. Dad was willing to try almost anything at that point, so she smoked a joint with me outside on the porch. The next day our Dad needed to talk about medical cannabis. She got her prescription card a few weeks later. Now our Dad smokes a fat joint of cannabis every Sunday night. Dad doesn’t smoke it all throughout the rest of the week unless she has a lot of pain, but Dad smokes every Sunday night for recreational purposes. That is the one night during the week when our Dad also has a few drinks. I suppose it’s fantastic that our Dad has one night each week when he actually relaxes and takes it easy. She smokes a little bit of cannabis and drinks a box of wine and I do not suppose there is anything wrong with that. My dad doesn’t love this current system for relaxing, however she hasn’t said anything out loud to her. Dad just rolls her eye and mumbles under her breath from time to time. Dad spends most of her time outside in the garage. Dad doesn’t mention cannabis when they are together. Occasionally it seems as if they are living more than one separate lives.

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