Marketing a cannabis shop is pretty easy

Marketing is a pressing part for any company and one that can mean the difference between failure and success.

I‘ve diagnosed any number of winning ad campaigns over the years and I have worked with several million dollar companies including Tim Hortons Latte, Starbucks Coffee, Kelloggs cereal, and Vlasic pickles.

Marketing is the same no matter what kind of product you are selling. I thought it could be fun, interesting and challenging to take a task in advertising for a cannabis dispensary. I didn’t understand much about the medical and recreational cannabis industry until I started this task, even though I l received really hastily; Cannabis sales make billions of dollars every year. In states where medical and recreational marijuana are legal, there is stiff competition to stay on top of the business. One dispensary owner called me with a unique task and I accepted the offer. I moved our entire family to the west coast so I could start working for the supplier. Marketing is pretty easy, especially since the company has a fantastic product. The owner of the cannabis dispensary handles all of the cannabis cultivation process from the seed to the shelf. There are a ton of ways both of us can cut costs and that will help as well. The company owner has a lot of fantastic ideas and I’m there to help him implement everything. We’ve had a ton of success in the short amount of time that I have been working for the business. I look forward to more projects that will help bring the dispensary to the top of their game.



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