All our top shelf flower was discounted last Monday

Work was super tied up all day Monday, because of the sale on top shelf flower products we had.

The products are the cream of the crop. They have high amounts of THC and they are grown locally indoors, so anytime there is a discount at the dispensary on top shelf flower products, the store is busy. I had 5 deliveries in the same afternoon. I had to drive all over the village to deliver all the items. The first cannabis delivery went to the west side of town. The man was on the third floor of the cabin building and I almost fell going up the steep stairs. My feet slipped on the stairs and our knee buckled. I caught myself before I hit the ground. The next delivery was only a half mile from the first a single. The man was an artist and working on a sculpture in the backyard. She gave me a generous tip of 20%. I had to drive back to the store, before I could finish the additional deliveries. I forgot to grab edibles from the cannabis shop. I didn’t have anything I needed to finish the rest of the orders. My boss was surprised to see me until I told his why I was early. I grabbed the edibles that I needed and headed back out the door. By the time I came back to the store, it was almost time for me to clock out and go home. I had enough time to wash the stockroom and restock all of the top shelves and then it was time to leave.

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