I got $17 grams of killer resin concentrate

The average price for 1 gram of live resin concentrate is around $35, although I found a great deal at a local dispensary and I bought more than seventeen grams of live resin concentrate for $17 each.

I bought six grams of live resin indica.

I got a gram of papaya, a gorilla glue, and a new strain called forbidden fruit. It tastes just like a tart peach. I also got numerous grams of two sativa concentrates. I found green dream and picked up numerous of those. Blue dream is so hard to find in live resin and this stuff looked savor taffy. I also bought a gram of Super Lemon Haze. The stuff has a sky high THC percentage at 90%. The other numerous grams were hybrids of Girl Scout cookies. I enjoy any hybrid that has boy scout cookies. It’s a single of the best strains on the market. It has a very high yield and low flowering time and it can be bred with practically anything. Cereal Milk is a single 1 of our favorite boy scout cookies hybrids. It is made by crossing cookies with cherry pies and then adding another strain called Snowman. It hits savor an indica however it makes your brain buzz like a sativa. At $17 each, I wanted to buy fifty odd flavors, however the dispensary has a more than sevengram maximum according to state law. I got as much as I was allowed by law. Next time I need cannabis concentrate products, I know where I can find them for so cheap. I might not even tell our friends about the great deal.

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