Love the shops in my town

I love walking through town on the weekends and visiting the little shops.

There is a place that makes homemade ice cream, macaroons and chocolate.

I usually pick up a sweet treat while I am there. They do chocolate dipped pretzels that are to die for. Another end of the shopping center has a wine store and cheese store. They are set up right next to each other. It is so easy to grab a favorite bottle of wine and try out some new cheese with it. I can set up a charcuterie board as an appetizer before a meal. My friends always go crazy for it. Sometimes I check out the various estate sales but typically I make a stop at the recreational bud store near me. I like that I can pick up any product I want in that store. They offer all sorts of cannabis products. You can just get full spectrum CBD products that don’t contain THC. You can get topicals to help with chronic pain and inflammation. There are cannabis flowers and oils that can be smoked. There are concentrates, tinctures and my all time favorite, edibles. Whatever I don’t get at the sweet treat store, I typically get it in edible form. My cannabis dispensary has these chocolate chip cookies that are great. They have cannabis in them but you can’t even taste it. It is a pretty low THC amount too. So I can even start my shopping trip with a cookie and not feel anything by the time I drive home.

recreational cannabis store