The driver forgot to bring all of the carts

I placed an order for delivery on Friday afternoon around 6:30.

It always takes a long time to receive a cannabis delivery, especially on a Friday night.

I knew that it would take two or three hours, but I didn’t mind waiting. My girlfriend and I picked up some beer and pizzas on the way home from work. We sat down in front of the TV and picked out all of the cannabis supplies from the website. I ordered a couple of grams of sativa distillate. Sativa is my favorite thing to smoke, because it makes me feel uplifted and energized. My favorite sativa strain is definitely Blue Dream, but I also like Jack Herer. I ordered some marijuana flower and a vape cart in each One of the marijuana strains. My girlfriend ordered some marijuana Vape carts as well. She got two hybrids and an indica. The total for our order was more than $250. We waited until almost 9 before the delivery driver arrived. When I opened the bag to check our order, I was annoyed and upset that all of the marijuana carts were missing. The driver completely forgot to put them in the bag. The woman apologized for the confusion and the mix-up and she told me to call the store. The lady at the cannabi shop told me that it was too late to deliver the items this evening, but she would send someone to the apartment first thing in the morning. I told her that was totally unacceptable and I canceled the rest of the order.

Cannabis delivery