I follow dispensary on social media to take advantage of daily deals

The dispensary typically delivers the products that I want that same day

I have participate in all the social media platforms. I keep up with instagram, twitter, tick tock, facebook and everything that is available. I follow people for a variety of reasons. Some people I follow offer home improvement advice. There are social media accounts that make me laugh, keep me updated on social trends or just to provide interesting tidbits of gossip. One of my favorite ones to follow is the cannabis dispensary near me. They recently hired a search engine optimization company, who designed a new website and created social media platforms. It was such a smart upgrade on their part. I enjoy following the dispensary because they offer deals and discounts of the day. Everyday, I check out what’s on sale or see if there’s a new product offered. I get updates before most people now. Since the dispensary got a new website, they added online buying capability too. So when I see my favorite strain of flower 20% off just for the day, I go straight to the website and put in an order. It is set up so that the whole process is super easy. My credit card info, delivery address, identification and all necessary facts are kept in my account. I simply click on any product I want and choose to pay now. I then opt for delivery service, curbside pickup or in-store pickup. The dispensary typically delivers the products that I want that same day. The dispensary charges a small fee for delivery unless I spend a certain amount. I usually have no trouble spending that much.



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