I use keywords to help dispensary websites rank

Working in the SEO industry is exciting.

The abbreviation stands for search engine optimization.

Basically, I make sure websites rank as high as possible on google. I focus on keywords and connect them to the website. When I focus on SEO for a cannabis dispensary, I link words to the site that are specific to customer searches, such as vapes, tinctures, edibles, cannabis flower and CBD. I also connect to the area where each dispensary is located. I offer multi-location digital advertising options for the bigger dispensaries. The actual website design is a separate department within the SEO company. I strictly stick with coding and working behind the scenes. The web team is required to take client calls, listen to complaints and make updates to the websites. Dispensary SEO and web designs are a specialized field. The websites are specific to the industry and the industry is strictly regulated. So much information needs to be provided and yet remain compliant with state laws. There are tons of cannabis products offered. Each product requires a great deal of information, such as THC and CBD ratios, strain, weight, effects and price. Certain warnings need to be listed. On top of all this, we add images, videos and other content to engage customers. Some locations provide amenities such as dab bars, vape lounges, ATM on-site and free parking. Some offer extra services like express pick up. They might provide curbside pickup or delivery. The web team needs to make sure the site is interactive and allows the customers to choose those options. I like more information so that I can connect more keywords and improve their rankings.

Website for cannabis dispensary