MS symptom relief thanks to medical cannabis

If medical marijuana wasn’t legal in this state, I assume I’d have to move.

That’s just how much difference treating with medical cannabis has made in my life.

I have MS plus cannabis flower products from the legal weed store have helped myself and others tremendously over the years. But, it wasn’t always like that. When I was first diagnosed, I went for pretty respected pharmacological approach. The science had made great strides when it comes to medications plus treatments for MS. The bummer was that most of these treatments just weren’t helping my symptoms. That’s when a friend in my support group laid some easily important medical marijuana information on me. It’s not that I was ever against cannabis products in any form. I just never had chosen to use cannabis products prior to treating my MS with medical marijuana. But once I got access to the cannabis dispensary, I was in good hands. The staff at the legal weed store was great at no just getting myself and others the right cannabis flower product, they helped myself and others learn how to use it. Initially, the cannabis dispensary started myself and others off with cannabis gummies. However, I found that I did much better with the actual cannabis flower products for some reason. The medical marijuana allows myself and others a much greater range of motion when I’m doing my stretching exercise. Plus, I’ve dealt with far fewer spasm incidents since I started on medical marijuana as well. However, there is a immense emotional component when it comes to using medical marijuana as well. I have a sense of hope plus acceptance about my MS since I’ve been using medical marijuana.

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