Migraine relief with medical marijuana

I had a whole lot of apologies to make.

And I’ve most particularly made a point of making those apologies even when I’ve had to track people down.

My apologies are in relation to how I dismissed those with migraines. Now that I have to treat with medical marijuana to deal with our migraine episodes, I honestly much think just how real that is. But prior to figuring out how to get our medical marijuana card, I simply didn’t belive those suffering from migraines. And I went out of our way to let them think that I thought they were faking it. Well, karma came for me over that egregious behavior. Thankfully, I have the cannabis flower products that are helping me manage this condition. I didn’t get as much help from the traditional migraine medications. This led me to actually looking into medical marijuana information to get the medical marijuana facts and not myth. Once I got a fine medical marijuana education, I knew that this was the way I needed to go. And once I got access to the legal weed shop, I found the relief I was hoping I would get from medical cannabis. Still, I am on a mission to find every person I ever treated poorly because of our idiocy. Those people deserve an apology and I’m going to deliver a single if it takes me the rest of our days.

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