Treating my chronic inflammation with medical marijuana

Thankfully, I have found some profound improvement with medical marijuana.

My only regret is that I had to wait nearly four years before I started treating with medical cannabis.

That is a shame but I guess better late than never. Unfortunately, I was resistant to even considering medical marijuana because I was against cannabis products as a whole. But I’ve learned as I’ve gotten a cannabis education that I couldn’t be more off base. But that’s what happens sometimes when you are told one thing over and over again. And I was told over and over again that cannabis products were evil. Not just bad or harmful but outright evil. So how in the world something like cannabis products could be considered evil is now just beyond me. Frankly, cannabis flower products have been the only thing that actually worked for my chronic inflammation. I’ve been diagnosed with a range of conditions but the treatments from the doctors just weren’t very effective. And that led to nearly four years of just straight suffering. It was brutal. My brother pleaded with me to look into the medical marijuana benefits when it came to inflammation. But I just wouldn’t budge based on the terrible information I got about cannabis products all of my life. Finally, my brother hand delivered some important medical marijuana information to me. And he was adamant that I read it. Not to be overly dramatic but that medical marijuana information from my brother changed my life. It’s been about six months since I started using the cannabis gummies. I’m now back at work and able to manage my condition so much better. Without medical marijuana, I’m just not quite sure where I’d be right about now.



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