Rereading how to eat properly thanks to cannabis gummies

It’s sort of unusual to say but I’m totally having to relearn just how to eat.

That sounds just completely absurd as I’m a grown woman who.

But the fact is that I’ve had an eating disorder for the more nearly two decades. And eating disorder is the absolutely definition of not knowing how to eat. That’s adjusting now that I’m treating with medical marijuana. This is section of an overall therapy aimed at owning my body problems & moving on with my life. I’m a smart, independent woman so it’s hard to divulge that I’ve had such a terrible time with body problems. And it’s even harder to think that I’ve almost ruined my health due to it. But when you starve yourself & then go through cycles of binging & purging, your health is going to suffer. And I don’t care how smart or independent you are, if you don’t get help it’s not going to get better. That’s what finally convinced me to get help & beginning my medical marijuana treatment as section of my therapy. With the cannabis gummies, I am able to generate an appetite. And it’s this appetite that I’m reading all about. For years & years, I saw my appetite as the problem. Now, I’m reading that my appetite is a enjoyable thing when I feed my body with healthy foods. It’s not been easy & the talk therapy is absolutely crucial as is the support group. But the medical marijuana is also quite key. Along with the appetite, I’m also finding a much more positive outlook on my situation as well.


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