The news reporter seemed shocked by the drug bust

I was watching the 6 news this morning and there was a story about a drug bust from the previous night.

The police stopped a car coming out of the old bank parking lot. The place was closed down and the car looked suspicious, so the police decided to stop that vehicle to ask for identification. Neither one of the men inside of the vehicle had an ID, so the police called for backup. When the second police officer arrived, they asked for permission to search the car. When the police did not get permission, they decided to search the car anyway. The police officers found more than 30 lb of marijuana inside of the vehicle. The news reporter looked totally and completely shocked by the amount of marijuana confiscated during the drug bust. At one point, she said during the news cast that she was unaware of the drug problems in the city. I thought that was funny given the fact that she reports the news every single night. I would not have been surprised if the police had found 30 lb of heroin or meth and feta means in the vehicle. The city has a lot more problems than that marijuana and the two perpetrators looked like low-level criminals. I mean they were trespassing in the bank parking lot so one guy could go to the bathroom real quick. The police should be going after the guys that hired those two idiots to do the job. Someone is going to be awfully upset that they lost out on 30 pounds of weed.


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