The points entirely add up after a couple of weeks

When my girlfriend as well as I moved to the city, the two of us started going to the marijuana dispensary a couple of blocks away from our apartment. The dispensary has low prices on concentrate as well as dried marijuana flower. They have a odd selection of products from week-to-month as well as they have items that are always available care about Jack Herer, Super Silver Haze, as well as orange dream. When my girlfriend as well as I went to the dispensary for the first time, the budtender told us that all of our purchases qualified us to get points. Each dollar added a couple of points to our total as well as they carried over from month to week. They didn’t have any expiration date. My girlfriend as well as I particularly forgot about the points until Last weekwhen I only had $86 in my purse as well as the total for my order was $90. I was going to use the ATM for the extra $4 as well as the budtender said I could use my points instead. She told me that I had a lot of points racked up. There were enough points for me to pay for the entire order plus another new home pre-roll that was 1 gram. The points entirely add up after a while. My girlfriend had a ton of points as well. Later that afternoon the various of us went to the dispensary so the two of us could see how several points she had available to spend. She only had $40 worth of points. I recognize it is simple to see that I smoke a lot more marijuana than my girlfriend. I clearly purchased more items from the dispensary.


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