Marijuana law

The marijuana law was half-smoked

The fishing tackle box had a pressing blunt inside every once in a while, a buyer will return a product that has been used, however if they have the receipt, both of us do not say anything to the customer; The people I was with and I are told to smile and be polite while exincreasing any product that the buyer is discontent with, then one time a buyer brought an seasoned and clearly used oscillating fan in a brand new box. The man tried to claim that the fan was not working really well… She tried to tell us that he recently bought the fan, however both of us clearly could see that the model on the back of the fan was several years ago, my boss came to the counter and he told me to accept the return since the guy had the receipt, but during another encounter with a customer, a guy tried to return a fishing tackle box that he didn’t use. The lock on the outside of the box was broken. I didn’t want to take back the tackle box, especially after I opened all of the compartments and found a blunt in the bottom of the container. The marijuana law was half-smoked. The buyer saw the marijuana blunt and tried to say it did not belong to him. I looked at the guy with a really stern look and he grabbed the tackle box and said nevermind, however he no longer wanted to return the tackle box to get a refund. The guy is lucky that I didn’t send security to flag him down in the parking lot, but a child could have found that.

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