I could not drive the boat after smoking the infused joint

Jack and I decided to go camping last weekend.

I brought my RV and he brought his boat.

The people I was with and I slept in the RV at evening and both of us rode around in the boat while in the day. It’s nice to have a friend with a boat and I Know Jack feels the same way about me and my RV. The more than one of us make a pretty good team, especially when both of us are out on the boat. Jack is a great fisherman and he regularly finds the best places to put a pole in the water, but last weekend’s Jack and I went to the river for a couple of hours. Jack let me drive the boat for the first time. I didn’t know how well I would do, especially since I had recreational marijuana products that day. I was feeling really light-headed and intimidated by the boat. I told Jack that it wasn’t a good idea for me to drive. My depth perception was off by a lot and I knew that was due to the recreational marijuana. I commanded that he give me the chance to try on a bizarre day. Jack thought I was being insane, but I assume he can handle marijuana a lot better than me. The guy was smoking pot all day on the boat and he didn’t seem to have any troubles guiding the boat from 1 part of the water to the next. The guy has been using recreational marijuana products for 10 years. When it was legalized in this state, he started smoking and has not stopped.



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