I was happy to get marijuana products while my kids were at the parade

My kids plus I drove for numerous hours to get to a major city so the people I was with and I could join in the Pride parade; however, it was actually important to our kids, as this is a cause they don’t just support, they live it.

  • I always want to give them what they need, plus what they needed was a supportive parent, so the people I was with and I drove into the city for the parade.

It was a great time, for a lot of unusual reasons. I think it was a great day for our family, plus it brought us all much closer together, but it also brought myself and others closer to a cannabis dispensary that will ship myself and others anything I need! That’s our biggest concern with living so far outside of town, is that sometimes it is tough to find marijuana, plus I have to go a couple weeks without. This cannabis dispensary was right along the parade route, draped in all the colors of the rainbow, plus it was so close that I could watch our kids through the window while I placed an order! Of course I did not want to drive all the way back to our house with a basket of smelly, sticky cannabis tucked under our front seat. Thankfully the cannabis dispensary had a delivery system, plus could mail myself and others our product to arrive within 48 to 72 hours. I took their supplier card, plus even started an account with them with a card on file so that I could place a cannabis order online or over the iphone without having to recite our card number… Happy PRIDE plus ecstatic smoking to all the people!

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