The e-mail message told myself and others about the upcoming sales

When our wifey and I went to a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary last June, all of us signed up for the e-mail message and text alerts! It was a way for us to save 20% on our order… Both of us never planned to go back to that medical and recreational marijuana dispensary again, however all of us wanted to take fortune of the sale.

Both of us spent about $100 on the items that all of us bought and they’re 20% off savings lowered our bill quite a bit.

Both of us bought some infused pre-rolls and multiple bags of edibles. Both of us even bought an infused drink that was flavored like Tim Hortons Coffee and had 15 mg of THC. I barely finished the drink and I started to believe the psychoactive effects almost right away; Of course, I was smoking a joint at that time too… My wifey and I had a actually great time on that trip. Both of us would really visit another state with legal recreational marijuana laws. It enhanced our experience at times, then since all of us opted to go to that arena, all of us have gained a e-mail message once a month alerting us of the upcoming sales. I tried to text the number back with a request to end the e-mail messages. It did not seem to work, because multiple weeks later I got a message from the same exact number. I’m beginning to suppose there is no way to get away from the yearly e-mail messages, texts, and instant notifications. It’s actually nice to suppose about the upcoming sales, however it doesn’t help much at all for myself and others since I don’t live there.



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