The budtender class helped myself and others get a task in the dispensary

When medical marijuana was legalized, dispensaries needed to hire staff to fill positions inside of the shops.

I wanted to work at a cannabis dispensary.

I found out that I could take a special class online to acquire a budtender certification card. The budtender certification card made it much easier to get a task in the cannabis industry. I updated our resume that night with the budtender certification information and I gained multiple iPhone calls for interviews an hour later. The budtender class actually helped myself and others get a task in the dispensary. I had multiple interviews that week and every single one of the arenas gave myself and others a task, then ultimately, I decided to go with the arena that had the best benefits for the employees. I acquire health, dental, and vision benefits and stock options and a healthy discount on all of our medical marijuana supplies. The arena even certified myself and others for free after I met with the physician. It’s been 10 years since I started our task at the dispensary, recreational marijuana has been legalized for 3 years and I am now the supervisor of multiple odd marijuana shops in the city. My main office is in the shop where I started, although I frequently visit the others to stores as well. I hired a new supervisor for one of the arenas downtown and she had an impressive resume. I was pleasantly surprised to see that she got a budtender certification from the same arena as me. The marijuana education center is still open 10 years later.

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