The online order would not replace in the system

I had a terribly strenuous time trying to order from the marijuana dispensary last night.

I must have sat at the laptop for a half an hour, before I finally gave up plus called the shop.

I was trying to add items to the cart, but the idea would not replace… Everytime I hit the back button too replace the cart, everything disappeared. It was incredibly aggravating plus it was driving myself and others crazy. I did not want to leave the house. I was trying to order for delivery plus I was afraid I was going to have to go to the store anyways, then when I finally gave up plus contacted the store manager, she was not surprised by our complaint. She said the online order idea was having concerns all morning. She apologized for the confusion plus gave to take our order over the iPhone. She told myself and others that she had a delivery driver waiting plus ready to leave as soon as she was finished filling the order, but the lady on the iPhone was drastically nice plus really glad to help. She made the experience much better. I was aggravated plus a little annoyed when I called, even though I hung up the iPhone feeling really fine about the transaction. She must have sent the driver a couple of hours later, because the guy showed up before the stroke of the hour. The manager included a free infused pre-roll with the order, since I was having so much trouble getting our order sited online. It easily was a certain experience plus a single of the best transactions I have had with the pot shop.
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