Someone filed a lawsuit against the manager of the pot shop

I was working at the pot shop on Monday, when someone walked through the door plus claimed to be a customer.

The customer asked to speak with the manager.

The person turned out not to be a customer plus in fact they were serving the manager with a lawsuit. The manager was shocked to find out that she is being named in a lawsuit. She read the paperwork soon as the guy disappeared outside in the parking lot. Some of weeks ago, there was a disturbance outside in the parking lot. The manager went outside plus broke up a argument between more than 2 clients. One of the people was disfigured badly in the argument plus now they are trying to sue the manager of the pot shop. The manger wasn’t present when the argument occurred plus she really stopped the guy from being beaten to death. It’s strenuous to recognize what the more than 2 men were fighting about, even though I doubt it had anything to do with the marijuana dispensary. I do not understand how the manager can be found responsible, despite the fact that she will have to go to the courthouse in a couple of weeks plus talk to the judge. I was totally blown away after the guy left the dispensary plus the manager was shook up as well. When the next person came to work, she told myself and others to take a cut plus get some air. She followed myself and others outside plus asked myself and others to keep the lawsuit a secret until she could talk to the owner of the pot shop. I agreed not to say anything.

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