Cannabis is not that easy to get

People make it sound like cannabis is really easy to get, as if it is on every corner, but that is far from the truth! Laws have been passed to make it easier to obtain for certain people, who pay certain fees and jump through certain hoops.

For the rest of us slobs, it is just the same as it always was.

On my way to work every day I drive past three different dispensaries, but I am not allowed to purchase items from any of them. I believe that we have made progress on the matter, but we still have a long way to go. Cannabis should be sold in pre-rolled joints at gas stations, just like cigarettes are, and I challenge you to give me one valid reason why not. I understand that the main reason is money, because I could probably get a medical cannabis prescription card if I only pay the eight hundred dollars they require. This is a total scam to me, basically giving the government a bribe so they let you buy cannabis. For eight hundred dollars I can buy a lot of marijuana from my local dealer, so I think I will keep driving past the dispensaries for now. Cannabis is expensive enough to begin with, I don’t want to throw money away bribing the corrupt government just to have the right to do what should be 100% legal anyway! If they let anyone go into a cannabis dispensary and buy whatever they want, then I will gladly support all the local dispensaries.


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