Finally we can have marijuana delivered

The laws started to change a few years ago, but that never helped me until recently.

The law on the books, and the reality of day to day life do not always meet in the middle.

Even though medical pot was legal for some time, it was still not available to me. Only a few months ago did the first dispensary open in this part of the state, and it was still over two hours drive from my house! I finally got word that the state had approved dispensaries to mail out and deliver their marijuana products, which means that I finally have access to the weed I need! I have a cannabis prescription through my physician, due to my advanced cataracts, but for that very same reason I obviously can’t drive to get my medicine. Other pharmacies will mail their products, so I don’t understand what took so long with cannabis dispensaries to follow suit. I think it is another example of the demonization of cannabis, making it seem somehow illicit even though it is legally recognized as medical in nature. Thankfully I have a neighbor named Hank, who has a small patch of marijuana plants on his lands. Hank sells me cannabis from time to time, but I need a lot more than he has to offer. I can easily smoke ten or twelve grams of cannabis a week, both for medicinal purposes and for fun. Finally my cannabis needs will all be fulfilled, and I can have all of it shipped directly and discretely to my front porch.

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