I didn’t expect to find the man of my dreams at the dispensary

After too many first dates to count, I stopped trying to find a man online.

This town is deadsville, with nobody who appeals to me, so I started looking on websites and apps to get matched with people outside of town, but still within driving distance.

It never seemed to work out, at least not well enough to warrant so much driving. Finally I made peace with the fact I would be alone and not get any action for a while. That was when Caleb started working at the cannabis dispensary, and suddenly my interest was piqued for the first time in ages. Caleb was the new assistant manager at the marijuana dispensary, and he was a total dreamboat. Not only that but he was smart, educated, and extremely knowledgeable when it came to anything related to cannabis. Caleb had gotten a degree in botany, and spent several years as a cannabis farmer, before deciding to settle down and run a store. He said there was too much manual labor involved with growing cannabis, but to me it made his body that much hotter! I started hitting the cannabis dispensary more often, buying smaller amounts of a wider variety of strains. This gave me more opportunities to talk to Caleb, and have to explain what all the different cannabis strains were and their botanical heritage. Even if he doesn’t ask me out sooner or later I will need to pull the trigger myself, because I am spending way more money on cannabis than I should, just to talk to Caleb.