Movie night at the smoker’s lounge

Before Covid I used to like going to the film theater.

Not any more, as well as it isn’t just that I don’t feel safe crowded in with dozens of other people not wearing masks.

It is also because there are fewer films to see, as well as almost all of them are available streaming at home, which precludes the need to go to a theater at all. I found that I rarely missed going out to see a film, because so several of them were at our fingertips already. Then the local cannabis dispensary as well as its smokers lounge decided to host a annually film night, as well as found that I could not resist the urge. The lounge was only of mediocre size, however had squeezed in enough chairs for thirty people to comfortably love the film as well as smoke cannabis freely. The projector showed Half Baked on the wall, so it felt a little like a real film theater. In truth, I don’t think Half Baked is really wonderful unless you smoke cannabis throughout the entire film, so that’s what I did! That is what most people did, as well as collectively the two of us must have burned through 3 ounces of OG Kush through that film. I advised that for the next film night they show a better film about marijuana, perhaps Dazed as well as Confused, or Humboldt County. There was entirely no reason they were restricted to showing films involving cannabis – they could literally show any film they wanted! I hope they start taking requests, because there are a lot of classic films I would like to watch at the cannabis dispensary.
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