Recreational marijuana is more expensive than medical marijuana in my state

It’s hard dealing with the spike in prices amid historically high inflation levels. It hasn’t been this bad since the early ‘80s and isn’t showing signs of leveling out anytime soon. I don’t know how others are managing, but my income hasn’t increased yet and I struggle constantly with a strict budget. That means absolutely no eating outside of the house, nor getting coffee at cafes while I’m driving to work in the mornings. It’s better to make fresh coffee at home anyway, and then I can put it in two separate thermoses so I have plenty to get me through my work shift for the day. Unfortunately, I have had to budget my cannabis purchases as well. I should start growing a few plants to supplement what I buy because the recreational cannabis taxes in my state make it hard to buy weed. If you have a medical marijuana card you pay a lower price at the same cannabis dispensary, but you have to pay an annual fee with the state just to have one. On top of that, you also have to visit a medical marijuana physician to obtain a recommendation for medical marijuana. All of that is required before you can get access to lower prices at the weed dispensaries in the state. When I started doing the math to determine how much money I pay in taxes getting recreational marijuana, I realized that it would be cheaper to find an inexpensive cannabis doctor and to become a medical marijuana patient instead. The savings from getting a medical marijuana are not trivial, especially if you’re a daily cannabis user like myself.

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