I like having a sativa strain in a cannabis oil pen ready to go for afternoon work

Working at night in college wasn’t fun.

I had to attend classes while in the afternoon plus exhaust our mind before heading to a food repair task in the night five mornings a week.

I slept at most many hours a night plus was always nodding off in long classes if I wasn’t constantly consuming copious amounts of pop in the process. Since I went to this harshly progressive liberal arts college, we were on a pass/fail method instead of an A through F or percentile grading system. If it hadn’t been for this college, I absolutely would have failed in college. Thankfully I graduated, however that was in part from the help from cannabis. I l gained back then that sativa strains were more energizing plus eventually discovered the wonders of cannabis oil. A neighbor had a linkion to someone in California who was putting the cannabis oil syringes in a box plus mailing them to us in our state. Those cannabis sativa oil pens were amazing for powering through the afternoon, especially on certainly stressful mornings. Nowadays our state finally has legal medical cannabis available for anyone willing to pay the price to maintain a medical marijuana physician recommendation. You also have to pay a fee every year to maintain plus renew your medical marijuana card. I can finally get sativa strains again in cannabis oil pens, however this time I have access to live resin plus live rosin pens if I want to pay the added expense to have better quality weed to consume everyday. It might seem trivial to some, however the added terpenes in live resin plus live rosin supply me a better experience when consuming the marijuana plant.

Purple haze