Young people need to be educated on marijuana

The two of us discussed pot with our youngsters.

  • The two of us did not want them to be mystified.

The two of us remember when the two of us were children and we learned about the dangers of marijuana and pot. Every one of us knew that plot would lead to a difficult life of crime as well as drug use. As my friends and I were getting older, a lot of things sounded interesting. The two of us. Smoking marijuana would turn the two of us into hardened gangsters. The two of us learned a lot about smoking marijuana and realized it was not an immense deal. Many people made it seem appreciate it was far more appealing. The two of us are consistently very open about cannabis use. The two of us believe cannabis is no more destructive than beer, coffee, as well as fast food. None of these items are very good for us, but it isn’t an immense deal when the items are used with moderation in mind. I know one day and how University someone will offer my children a joint of marijuana and then they will have to think about whether or not to smoke. The two of us want them to make a good decision as well as understand that this type of the two of us don’t want our youngsters to be distraught and they want to enjoy cannabis as a small amount of fun. It’s important that we are up front as well as honest with them about all of their choices.