The pot shop needs some new and fresh looks

The up-to-date manager had immense ideas for expanding the cannabis shop.

This small town is not filled with a lot of people as well as the business is small.

The corporate owner saw great potential for growth and send us a Hotshot manager that had a track record for making a mess profits. They sent this new manager to the place to job on her special magic. In the beginning, the two of us believed she was easily annoying. She seemed to be happy about the work and also solicited ideas from all of the people. She asked myself as well as others how to get the cannabis dispensary filled with more people. She absolutely wanted our ideas, so the two of us gave her ideas to give people reasons to stay here for a while instead of coming as well as going quickly. Some people walk directly through the door and know exactly what they want. They could spend a little bit more money if they could hang out in the place and have a little bit of fun. I easily suggested that all of us convert the Lounge into a place for smokers to sit. This space wasn’t actually large enough though, so the manager decided to get permission to make a couple of other changes. The pot shop needed some new and fresh looks and now the place is looking better than ever thanks to the fact that we made some major upgrades. If these upgrades increase sales, that would be nice too.


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