My parents are wrong about my uncle

My uncle has always lived very close.

When I was younger, he consistently came to Thanksgiving as well as Christmas.

When there were family get-togethers, my uncle was always there. It was confusing for the two of us, because we rarely saw our uncle unless there was a get-together. Our uncle was easily quick with a joke as well as consistently good at making everyone laugh. The two of us wanted to see the guy more frequently. On the holidays, our uncle showed up as well as both of us asked if we could see him at his own house. That’s when we became very aware that our uncle was growing cannabis. My parents were absolutely embarrassed as well as thought that our uncle was a bad guy because of it. The two of us were easily entry. The two of us had a cannabis farmer that was our uncle. One time the two of us went for a surprise visit. The two of us took some friends and decided to call so we could tell our uncle that we were on the way. The two of us laughed when our uncle let us onto the property. We believed we were going to see a lot of marijuana as well as pot plants, but that was not the case at all. Our uncle invited us in and we saw that he had a very small cannabis farm that function on solar power. My parents are absolutely wrong about my uncle as well as I need to prove that to them.
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