When my dad found out, he hit the roof

The Burger Shack has been on 5th Street for the last 50 years.

The two of us have had Burger, chicken, and taco teams but the burger place has consistently been the number one place for folks to go.

My dad was aggravated as well as upset when the place closed. He was going to the burger shop for 15 years and had a friendship with the business owner. He complained for multiple weeks about the burger place closing down. Eventually my dad got over things as well as moved on. When he found out that the burger place was going to be turned into a cannabis shop, my dad was through the roof mad. He was Furious when he found out that the old place would reopen as a drug Den for hippies. That’s exactly how my dad referred to the medical marijuana clinics. Even though it was absolutely legal to use medical and recreational Cannabis products, both of my parents don’t believe that cannabis was a gateway drug to crack and cocaine. The two of us talked about cannabis and its medicinal properties, but my dad was resistant to listen to the historical facts. He has easily been set in his ways as well as is convinced that marijuana is from the Devil. My dad still doesn’t go to that part of town, because he doesn’t want to see how the Cannabis industry turned his favorite food Eatery into a cesspool. Time will move on, but my dad will probably always be salty about the Burger Shack and it being made into a cannabis place.

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