I found a way to update with the times

When my girlfriend and I got pregnant with our first child, I had to think about my main source of income as well as business.

The two of us weren’t into dealing pot as well as being a drug dealer, but we were comfortably living off selling marijuana.

My wife was pregnant and then we decided to get married and come up with an up-to-date approach to marijuana sales. I didn’t want all of my customers to come in as well as out of my apartment during the entire evening as well as day. I didn’t want my new baby waking up as well as having trouble sleeping. The two of us needed to find up-to-date operations to help out the business. The two of us could not stop selling marijuana. The two of us were still having no income other than this. The two of us raised our prices a small bit and then included condo delivery for all of the sales. The two of us no longer sold small amounts of marijuana. Now you had to purchase at least $100 or more of cannabis products in order for me to bother with you as well as take the order. This enjoyable system set up very quickly and easily and then I had the ability to take cannabis orders through text messages as well as over the computer. I found this to be the number one on the way for me to do business and I regularly have no cannabis customers that are bothered by the new rules. The old people have to compete with the new shops.


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