The new manager has some really updated ideas for increasing sales

The two of us consistently enjoy our job, but we absolutely have zero personal connection and it is just a job. Do you think what I mean? If sales are high or low, it is of no consequence to me. I owned the same amount of dollars no matter whether the store is slow or busy. The owners didn’t seem to like the two of us any more than the two of us cared about them. Then suddenly the ownership changed and the two of us met our up-to-date boss named Sadie. The two of us spoke with her for multiple times. That’s why my opinion on the job absolutely changed. The new manager was hoping to make some huge changes in the dispensary. She absolutely wanted some help from the staff as well as this suddenly made all of us feel far more invested in the project. The new manager discussed the addition of a cannabis as well as smoking Lounge. I thought this was a really good idea, especially due to the fact that we are often a one-stop-shop. Lots of people come in knowing exactly what they want and they personally don’t spend much time browsing any of the new selections. The new manager has come up with a way to get people to stay for a while and this should increase sales. I personally believe this is a genius idea and a way to keep the parking lot empty after work is over. This will help a number of people in the future.

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