The taco shop is getting a medical cannabis facelift

There was a small taco place that was only a block or two away from the condo where I grew up as a child.

The place was there for 40 years as well as it was a single of the oldest buildings in the city. My mom heavily and consistently pointed out the place when all of us drove by. She worked at that same taco bar waiting tables when she was a small teenager. When I was 16 years old, my mom sent me down to the taco place to make a job application. I went to the place last Monday and was informed as well that the store was shutting down for good. The taco place was going to be updated with a cannabis dispensary in multiple weeks. Monday tacos was going to close for good and it would be replaced with a cannabis shop. Not a single to be absolutely dissuaded from my first job, I felt it was necessary to apply at the cannabis dispensary too. I was extremely excited about the idea, because after all it was my first job. I got condo to my parents and they were both Furious. They were really upset that the taco place was being turned into a cannabis dispensary. They weren’t happy that I applied either as well as made it seem like I was the odd man out. They didn’t see things the whole way and eventually forbade myself as well as others from working at all at the cannabis shop. As it would turn out, I was unable to fulfill the job because I was not 18 at the time.



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