I didn't think they were going to have any top shelf flower left

I was supposed to meet my friends on Tuesday morning at the gym for basketball.

They didn’t show up until almost lunch time, and we didn’t finish with our basketball game until it was late in the afternoon.

Will usually finish up around lunch time and that leaves me plenty of time to go to the recreational marijuana dispensary. It’s about two blocks away from the place where my friends and I play basketball. I was worried they wouldn’t have any top shelf flower left when I arrived. The top shell flower products are on sale on Tuesdays. When I got to the dispensary, the security guard made small talk. I was waiting in line outside the dispensary because of the covid procedures. I didn’t want to hang out and make small talk, but the guy remembered seeing me last week and the week before. When I got inside of the recreational marijuana dispensary, I was pleased to see a large selection still on the shelves. I purchased a couple of different products. I got a really nice indoor Super Silver Haze at 33%. I also purchased an eighth of blue dream that looked white as paper. It was covered with thc crystals and had a whopping percentage at almost 36%. It was almost as good as smoking cold water bubble hash. I was impressed with the selection and all of the products that I purchased that day were on point. Even though I thought the game was going to cause me to lose out on a good deal, it didn’t affect my purchase at all.

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