It was too cold at the park to sit there all day

Even though recreational marijuana is legal in the state, my friends and I have to be careful about where we smoke.

We aren’t allowed to have cannabis products inside our apartment.

That is listed on our lease. There is a huge fee if the manager catches you smoking on the porch too. Most people stay in their car and smoke, but my friends and I usually go across the street to the park. There are a ton of nice hiking trails and the park is usually filled with very few people. Last Monday we went to the cannabis dispensary and purchased a one gram infused pre-roll. I wanted to smoke the pre-roll in the car, because it was cold outside. My friend didn’t want his car to smell like marijuana, because he was picking his mom up from the airport later that afternoon. We decided to go to the park with the one gram infused pre-roll. It was really cold outside and I had a hard time keeping the joint still. My hands were shivering. I really wanted to smoke the infused joint, but I couldn’t stand the cold temperatures. I walked back to the car and waited for my friends to finish up. When I got back to the apartment, I Vaped on my pen and ate some edibles that have a high amount of THC. I would have loved to smoke the rest of that joint with my friends, but it was single digit temps outside. My hands and feet were freezing and I was ready to get out of the cold.

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