The $1 vape pen cartridges was a great deal

I have to be thrifty when I purchase recreational Cannabis supplies.

Since I smoked marijuana every single day, I don’t have the luxury of spending 40 or $50 on recreational marijuana supplies.

I like to find something that gives me the most bang for my buck. I really prefer cannabis vape pens. When you buy a distillate oil cartridge or a vape pen with a high-thc concentration, you get much higher than when you smoke dried flower. The vape pen cartridges usually have three times as much THC potency as the flower products. Most of the time when I buy recreational marijuana products, I buy vape pen cartridges that are around 30 or $40 each. Every once in a while, I can find them for cheaper, but sometimes they aren’t the best quality. I was really excited when I went to the recreational marijuana dispensary on Monday. There was a representative from one of the expensive vape pen companies. They had samples available for a dollar with purchase. There was no limit on the amount of samples each person could purchase as long as they did not go over the single daily limit. I decided to purchase four of the expensive full spectrum cartridges. I received four $1 vape pen cartridges as well. I had two indicas and two sativas with strange strain names that I never heard of in the past. Both were live resin concentrate with THC percentages over 90. They were easily worth $60 each and I only paid $30 for each one of the cartridges after you include the sale price for $1.


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