The driver came to the house without any change

My friends and I were watching the game on Saturday night and we ran out of marijuana supplies.

I offered to go to the shop, but Jack remembered that the cannabis shop has delivery services now.

I went online to look at the sales and specials. The cannabis shop delivered to our apartment as long as we spent a minimum of $75. Since a couple people planned to order items, we didn’t have any problem reaching the minimum amount. The total for the order was $267. When the budtender called to confirm our order and total, she reminded us that we needed to have cash for the purchase. We had plenty of money for the driver. Unfortunately, the driver didn’t have plenty of money for us. The guy showed up to the delivery without any change in his pocket. We had four $50 bills and I didn’t plan to give the driver a $33 tip. The guy looked really aggravated when I asked for change. He walked down to his car and came back a few minutes later. He had $6 in his hand. I told the guy that wasn’t enough. I expected exact change for my order if he expected any tip at all. The guy dug into his pocket and pulled out a wad of ones and fives. He was simply trying to get a bigger tip by telling us that he didn’t have any change. I should have called the dispensary and complained to the manager, but my friends and I decided not to tip the driver at all instead.


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