Ordering online saved me time and energy

I used to wake up bright and early on Monday morning so I could go to the cannabis shop for the Monday sales.

  • Monday was the only day of the week when the cannabis shop ever had products on sale.

Every Monday morning, the shop got a shipment of popcorn marijuana and shake. People lined up outside of the store to purchase the cheap marijuana flower products and they were often gone by 10 am. The store only received a limited amount of supply from the warehouse. I found myself waking up earlier and earlier and I was waiting in line for 30 or 40 minutes. One day I was sitting inside of the dispensary when a guy came through and said he had an online order. I asked the bartender at the counter if the sales items could be ordered online as well and she told me that they could. The next Monday, I went online at 9 a.m. when the store opened and I added a couple of items to the cart. I chose the pickup option and a Time later in the day. When I arrived at the marijuana shop, my bag of items was waiting and all of the sale items were inside. I even qualified for a free infused pre roll, because the total for my order was over $200. Now that I know I can order the sale items online, I never have to wait outside and get up early. Ordering the products online will save me a lot of time and energy.

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