The pre roll pack really tasted like grapes

There is only one dispensary in town that sells the infused pre-rolls that I love the best. Since they are the only supplier of this particular product, they really keep the prices High. They have a single sativa, hybrid, and indica choice. All three of the options are products that are infused with terpenes, distillate, kief, and premium indoor flower. I asked the budtender which one of the products he felt tasted the best and he recommended the grape flavored Indica pack of pre-rolls. I wanted something heavy hitting, so the grape flavored Indica strain was perfect. I didn’t get a chance to smell the pre-rolls in the store, because the products are packaged at the distributor. The first time I smelled the pre-rolls was in the car. I had to open the package as soon as I was alone. I wanted to know if the product really smelled and tasted like grapes. While I was sitting in the parking lot, I let one of the grape flavored pre-rolls. I smoked half of grape flavored marijuana joint and I couldn’t finish the rest of the pre-roll. The Joint was extremely strong and I felt very light-headed. I planned to drive home after I smoked the joint, but I had to wait a little while. I absolutely felt like it wasn’t safe to drive home and that is a feeling that I never have. The distillate infused marijuana joints were really something special and they really did taste exactly like grapes. Every time I inhaled, I felt like I was eating a piece of nostalgic candy.

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