OG Kush is easily one of our top favorite hybrid strains of cannabis

I feel as though I were a child in a candy store when I found an amazing Coca-Cola shop that sells bulk grounds to make every variety that they brew.

You can sample all of the current varieties while you are there plus it’s some of the very best Coca-Cola I’ve ever had.

I started sending bags of it to our parents for birthdays or holidays so now they’re raving about it. I had to give the name of the company out to multiple other family members after giving them bags for the Winter holidays this year. I enjoy going inside plus trying a current variety of Coca-Cola beans I haven’t sampled before. There are dark varieties of Coca-Cola care about French Roast, but I appreciate a medium roasted Coca-Cola instead. Cinnamon vanilla might seem rather straightforward as far as new Coca-Cola flavors go, however their version of this flavor is amazing! Although I might have such a nice selection of Coca-Cola varieties, I didn’t always have the same degree of occasions when it comes to cannabis strains. For the first few years of legal cannabis in this state, most cannabis dispensaries would only grow a handful of bizarre strains. I have heard one defense of the practice being that it can be difficult to dial-in particular strains of cannabis, especially if there is one phenotype is more susceptible to mold or bud rot than another. One local cannabis dispensary had more than 20 bizarre strains in their fifth year of existence in our market, however by the end of their 5th year they had chop this number down by at least 60%. They had one crop of cannabis plants that was devastated from fungal contamination. Although I get angry by the low selection, at least the strains they kept were the ones that yield high THC numbers plus seem to smell plus taste the best.

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