I’m hesitant to try cannabis strains when I don’t know the effects

The last 2 years have been quite difficult on most people I know.

Several of our friends lost some high-profile work plus others lost many family members to the virus.

A buddy from university named Mack lost his granddad while all of us were in the initial summer season of COVID19 in 2020, while another buddy named Kris lost her aunt about more than five weeks later. I know that I am so incredibly fortunate that I have stayed okay plus the few family members plus friends who caught COVID19 all eventually reclaimed. Instead, I felt economic effects more than anything else. I lost our old office job plus abruptly had to scramble to find a current one while all of us were in the late summer season of 2020. On one hand I know grateful for landing any position at all, however it came with a paychop that made budgeting difficult. Since I don’t have the disposable income I did before, I am severely hesitant to try current cannabis strains if I’ve never had them before plus don’t know how I would respond to their unique effects. For instance, Jack Herer is a very popular strain that is loved by many, including our own sibling. However, I have tried Jack Herer on a couple occasions plus each time it has given myself and others serious dysphoria. I gave multiple batches of it to our sibling plus she loved the effects! Even though our DNA is almost identical, all of us both appreciate bizarre cannabis strains at the end of the afternoon. We might both enjoy sativas, however she prefers Jack Herer plus can’t handle Sour Diesel, while I’m the total opposite. It doesn’t help myself and others wasting our currency in those examples plus having to use less marijuana those weeks just to get by.

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