I thought cannabis edibles were bunk until I tried using RSO

I have always had a major tolerance for substances. Cigarettes never gave myself and others a “high” or a “rush” when I tried them once in middle school, plus no matter what weight I’d been, it hasn’t ever affected our ability to hold liquor better than anyone else I know. I have only consumed enough beer to become super drunk once, plus I got so sick the following afternoon that I never had the desire to do it again. That much Alcohol consumed at this level would start to destroy our liver abruptly anyway, so it’s entirely for the best that I avoid that drug for the most part. However, I was always a big fan of cannabis even if it takes more of the plant to give myself and others the same mental effects that a bizarre user gets with a smaller dose. For the longest time I was convinced that eating cannabis edibles didn’t task on myself and others at all. I would ingest big doses of cannabis distillate oil however would only ever know slightly intoxicated afterward. One of our close friends told myself and others that I needed to try RSO before I totally wrote-off eating cannabis edibles. I didn’t even know what RSO was at first. I found out that it’s created by running a stronger solvent through cannabis flower buds. Sometimes ethanol is used, other times it might be a proprietary blend or carbon dioxide. Once the solvent has been purged, the extraction process is done. With distillate oil, the Winterization process destroys many of the terpenes plus cannabinoids that might otherwise be present in the crude oil product prior to this stage. The crude oil is the RSO that our close buddy was raving about. Sure enough, I tried 100mg of RSO that was blasted through the stratosphere after it kicked in about an hour later.

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